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Gal'on Inn - All the ways lead to having fun

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Vacation & Tourism Gal'on

Gal'on Inn - All the ways lead to having fun

You no longer have to get far away from central Israel for a change of scenery. The Gal'on Country Inn offers you a wide variety of experiences and attractions of all kinds.

Close your eyes and imagine the perfect holiday; a country B&B vacation in a wonderful magical and kosher place. At the Gal'on Inn you can make every moment an experience you will never forget. Waking up in the morning to the sound of birds chirping, listening to the quiet surrounding you; although you did not go far, you are in a peaceful place full of nature and things to experience.

Tracks in every direction

No matter if you're a family with children or professional cyclists - the road from the Gal’on Inn provides a huge variety of tracks; the power of nature, breathtaking views, fascinating sites, and attractions. The road to wherever you want to go starts from Gal'on Inn.

Time Travel

If you want to start your journey traveling back in time, authentic and exciting ruins and historical sites are waiting for you to discover and take part in a long standing tradition of pilgrimage to the ruins in the Gal'on Inn area.

Enjoy the Dairy Farm

The Gal’on Country Inn offers you a little taste of how it feels to visit a kibbutz and gives you an opportunity to visit a dairy farm and watch a real live milking of the cows. Here you can learn about the fascinating making and creating of milk.

Health Resorts and SPA's

We believe in combining body and soul and offer you a relaxed and peaceful vacation, while enjoying the surrounding health resorts and spas. With only a 15 minutes drive you can enjoy, relax, and know that at any moment your body and soul will encounter something good. From a professional massage in the right atmosphere to a mineral bath, all ways to pamper both body and soul await you.

Extreme Fun

If you want some excitement and not just the relaxed atmosphere every visitor to this area enjoys, we have just the thing for you. 4X4 trips on a variety of terrains, waiting to start up your vacation and make your pulse race to new highs.

Some Wet Fun

Our spectacular swimming pool invites you to jump into deep pleasure. In addition beaches and an amazing water park are only a 25 minutes drive from the country inn area.

Culinary Fun

In addition to our Kosher and luxurious dinning hall, you can enjoy a variety of chef restaurants and domestic cuisine in the Gal'on Inn area. Here it is what you taste that matters.

Close to home and heart

The Gal’on Inn is only 45 min. away from Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, 40 min. from Ben Gurion Airport and 10 min. from highway 6.